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6 Learning Opportunities for Seniors

Written by Liam

Online education allows seniors to pursue their academic studies, pursue their own interests, or simply to acquire new knowledge and skills. E-learning for older people has many advantages and the possibilities to decide on the type of course are truly endless. 

All you will need to start is a smartphone, computer or tablet. While there may well be hundreds, or even thousands, of various courses and programs that seniors can enjoy, it was difficult to reduce them and select a number. However, by employing our proprietary methodologies, we decided to choose among the top of the list of free courses for senior citizens.

Online Fitness Classes And Applications:  

When it comes to developing healthy lifestyle practices, you are spoilt for choice. Fitness apps are constantly advancing, and more and more are aimed at the over-50s. The Flip50 app is an app specifically for people aged 50+ that allows its users to connect to gyms across the country, wellbeing plans, reductions on treatments such as massage, access to acupuncture and much more. 


It encouraged the student to reflect on their own health and to set personal health objectives. The course learning has the greatest capacity to contribute towards a healthier, longer and happier life in later life, as well as providing an appreciation of the factors that contribute to both emotional and physical health. This course is based on the idea that the student can achieve better health through personal empowerment and improvement of their health behavior 

AudioBooks And E-Books:

A whole range of e-book and audiobook websites are available to help you find out more about a subject that interests you. Books on self-help, autobiography and biography, and non-fiction are all good starting points if you want to learn more about a particular subject. Visually challenged older people can take advantage of the free Braille and audiobook library service of the National Library Services. 

Udacity: free Intro to Python courses:

Keep in mind that the main purpose of Udemy is to train professionals. So this course might not be what you are looking for if all you are interested in is a practical understanding of the fundamentals of computer science for a better personal insight. But if you want to know if you like the field of computer science, don’t hesitate to try this course, it is designed to introduce you to the field of computer science. In this course you will learn the Python programming language. You can then develop a search engine and a social network!

University Courses:

There are courses at universities that are supervised by specialists in their respective disciplines and are taught by experts in the field. Whether you are pursuing a recognized degree or an approved educational course, this could be a good option for you. Although some real-world instructor-led courses are offered during a regular university semester, others, such as the courses offered by HarvardX, are offered on a stand-alone basis and are free of charge. Other centres providing tuition-free online courses for seniors are available on Class Central and Coursera. 

MOOCs and Open Courseware:

Acquiring new knowledge has been made much more convenient by two different ways of free e-learning: through OpenCourseWare and MOOCs, people all over the world are able to improve their skills by taking free online courses, which are available on the official website of OpenCourseWare, any person with access to a computer and an internet connection can participate in these classes. Seniors can also access free courses through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). There are already MOOCs at well-known universities, such as Stanford University and Harvard University. They develop these courses in order to be accessible to the largest possible number of learners. Teachers are often experts in the field. 

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