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University of Regina UR Circle of Scholars Entrance Scholarship 2022/2023, Canada

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The University of Regina is quickly becoming the University of Choice for students from across the world. Students will be able to get pleasure from life and achieve their professional goals. The institution promotes the intellectual and private development of its students through innovations in learning.

With 10 faculties and 25 academic departments, the University of Regina is recognized for its excellence in teaching and research and offers bachelors, masters and doctoral degree programs. Every year, the acceptance rate for the university is between 80% and 90%.

When you decide to continue your academic studies at the University of Regina, you receive more than just a good learning and training; you also become associated with an establishment that actually cares about your success in your future.

Scholarship Description: 

  • Host University: University of Regina; 
  • Host Country: Canada; 
  • Study Level: Undergraduate Level; 
  • Scholarship Type: Partial Funding; 
  • Scholarship Worth: 200,000$; 
  • Eligible Countries: International Students; 
  • Subjects: All Subjects; 
  • Application Deadline: The Scholarship is open. 

The UR Circle of Scholars Entrance Scholarship is available for International Students who wish to continue their Undergraduate studies in all fields at the University of Regina, Canada. 

Scholarship Benefits: 

The University of Regina is contributing up to $200,000 per year. The $3,000 scholarship is given automatically to students applying to the university at the undergraduate level. 

  • Freshmen who enroll only in the Winter 2021 semester or only in the Spring/Summer 2021 semester will be awarded a $1,000 CAD Tuition Credit for their entry and enrollment in the Fall 2021 semester; 
  • A $2,000 CAD credit for tuition will be given to students who enroll in the Winter 2021 semester and the Spring/Summer 2021 semester when they arrive and enroll in the Fall 2021 semester; 
  • It is recommended that applicants who are enrolled in both the winter 2021 and Spring/Summer 2021 semesters or in the winter 2021 semester only be credited with $2,000 CAD for on-campus accommodation for the fall 2021 and winter 2022 semesters: $1,000 CAD per semester. 

Eligibility requirements: 

The scholarship will be available to academically-licensed undergraduate applicants for direct admission from a secondary school into an undergraduate Direct Entrance program. 

It is required that the applicant have an Early Conditional Admission Average of 85.00% or higher and be registered for at least nine credit hours in the semester the award is being submitted. 

Application process: 

To receive this scholarship, applicants must enroll in the University of Regina’s undergraduate course. 

Supporting Documents: 

Please submit your high school diploma, GED and a passport copy to international.admissions@uregina.ca. 

Conditions of Language: 

The University of Regina’s official language of education is English. As such, all candidates to the University of Regina are required to provide an appropriate level of English language proficiency. Evidence of the required level of English proficiency will include the following documents, which will be accepted as satisfactory evidence: 

  • For applicants from nations on the University of Regina’s English Examination Exemption List, achievement of at a minimum three years of regular, full-time English language training in a secondary school that is a certified school or facility in which English is the major language of study. 
  • At least 24 credit hours equivalent to a University of Regina degree at an accredited English-language postsecondary educational institution, with at least 6 credit hours in the social sciences or humanities and a minimum GPA of 60.00% or equivalent, is considered an acceptable demonstration of English proficiency. Postsecondary institutions that meet this requirement must be verified by the University of Regina using industry-recognized higher education resources. Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE), also known as C1 Advanced, formerly known as Cambridge English: Advanced with a minimum overall score of 180 and a minimum score of 169 in each skill, Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE), also known as C2 Proficiency, formerly known as Cambridge English: Proficiency with a minimum overall score of 180 and a minimum score of 169 in each skill: Reading, Use of English, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. 

Admission Requirements: 

Candidates are required to complete a background degree. 

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