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Human Happiness, Music & Philosophy Online Courses For Senior Citizen

Written by Liam

Senior citizens can easily make excuses for trying out unusual and unknown new things. It is particularly the case when it comes to returning to school or pursuing a new pastime. But that’s just wrong. In fact, seniors have a variety of enthusiasms, hobbies and abilities that they are able to engage in, at whatever stage of life they are in. As more and more seniors are getting more inactive or spend longer periods of time indoors, enrolling in an online course to have more enjoyable and entertaining activities can be the right choice. 

The road to happier and better lives:

The world’s greatest free online course, taught by Graciela H. Tonon of the University of Palermo, addresses the topics of human happiness and life satisfaction at different levels of development. Tonon from the University of Palermo addresses the ideas of happiness and quality of life for individuals at various phases of their lives. In this course, you will learn about quality of life for all ages, from children to adults to the elderly, and how to determine the various dimensions of your quality of life and happiness. With so much pressure lately, assessing your personal quality and happiness may prove to be quite therapeutic and relaxing for those of you who are in the midst of a stressful year. 

You may find that as you get older, many of the qualities that you appreciated at an earlier stage in life become unavailable to you. While this may not be happening for you, it’s still worth it to regain a sense of control over your happiness and develop an insight into your personal experiences. This Future Learn course provides such an opportunity and is totally free to access for members and non-members alike.

Website: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/happiness-and-quality-of-life

Music knowledge with a variety of different instruments and beats:

In this free online course, you can explore how to become an effective listener and how to recognize the various tools, tones and beats that make up a given song. Active music listening is an area that requires ongoing training, and if you are someone who enjoys a great deal of music already, this course may be able to develop you as a better music listener by helping you to become a more informed listener. The course covers basic music theory and rules, instruments, rhythms and all the ways in which you can identify the different sounds in a song. The course lasts from one and a half to three hours, enabling you to be a better listener. 

For certain senior citizens, music has been an area of interest or pastime throughout their entire lives, sometimes from a young age. Studying music theory is simply one more way to gain a deeper enjoyment of music, particularly music that today is classified as classical. This course is offered by Alison, an instructional website for the entrepreneurial individual. Alison provides free registration and, although many of its courses have a more professional focus, there are many lifestyle courses that are perfect for seniors. 

Website: https://alison.com/course/music-theory-instruments-and-rhythm


Over a 25% of students who have taken the course have gone on to new careers or have benefited from a promotion, increment or some other significant professional advantage. The course is based on an introduction to major domains and issues in contemporary philosophy, along with an introduction to a number of philosophers and their fields of enquiry. The course also explores what philosophy actually means and ways in which it is unlike other related topics. By the time you finish this free online course for seniors, you should have a general understanding of many of the many diverse aspects of philosophy. 

If you’re a senior citizen and are interested in acquiring a slightly higher level of academic or literary competence, then you need only check out this introductory philosophy course from Coursera. About half a million students have now registered for the free course, designed specifically to explore a diverse range of contemporary philosophers and their ideas.  

Coursera is an educational platform dedicated to supporting both students and professionals in advancing or launching a successful professional career through free and fee-based courses and specialties. It is highly considered to be one of the best educational sites for learning. 

Website: https://www.coursera.org/learn/philosophy

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